Obama Responsible For Earthquakes!

I was able to contact Dr. Siegfried von Braun as part of my quest to understand whey there was a major earthquake around San Francisco. Following is what the eminent scientists told me.

M: Greetings Dr. Von Braun.

B: Fred, you can call me, Sieg.

M: Is the Sieg followed with a Heil?

B: Ah, the good old days with Adolf.

M: So, how come this earthquake?

B: Fred, please examine the situation. President Obama was on the golf links in Washington. He was blasting away with golf balls.

M: So, what does that have to do with an earthquake in San Francisco?

B: Ah, my naive friend. I can prove with scientific certainty that when Obama plays golf, there is a drought in Texas. When Obama threatens any terrorist group and then hits the golf course, it sets off an explosion of anger on Fox News which generates extensive rays in the sky. Add it up.

M: Add what up?

B: My naive friend. If Barack Obama takes a shit, the explosion on Fox News for his failure to be standing up for America results in explosions throughout the universe. So, why your surprise at an earthquake. Please feel lucky. The power of Fox News could unleash a great waves in the Pacific. Be happy it was only san earthquake.

M: So, to sum it up, whenever there is any calamity on this planet, just blame it on the black dude?

B: So, who else?