On To Kiev!

Members of the European Union are engaged in vast economic relations with Russia. There is money to be made from remaining on the good side of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Each time President Obama urges stiffer sanctions upon the Russian economy, European Union nations take a small step for eroding the power of Russia, but never one that could cripple the Russian economy. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has finally reached the point of complete frustration with Putin after he bluntly told EU leader Jose Manuel Barros that if he so desired, “I’ll take Kiev(capital of Ukraine) in two weeks.” There is no question that his comment IS accurate. Putin is NOT denying that he employed these words, but he is very upset because they were revealed to the world. According to Putin, the issue of the moment is who leaked what he said?

Chancellor Merkel has gone out of her way to talk calmly with Putin and urged him to function with leadership in the quest to end violence in Ukraine. But, she has now reached the point of making clear that Putin’s behavior is “irrational and unpredictable.” British Prime Minister David Cameron insists the current situation with Russia is analogous to attempts by the English government of Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain to engage in talks with Adolf Hitler to prevent war in 1939. It is now time for the most vigorous sanctions to be imposed upon Russia. It is time to economically isolate Russia. Nothing less can work if the goal is peace in Ukraine!