Putin Plays With Fire

A major problem confronting President Vladimir Putin is that for over eight years he has done whatever he damn well pleases without any check on his authority by a legislative body or a court of law. Putin simply lacks any sense of caution. If one has been the “Boss” for years, it is rather difficult accepting the idea that one must pay attention to the views or interests of others. Vladimir got away with seizing the Crimea, and now assumes if he goes for Ukraine or any section of it, Western nations will step down. OK, they imposed sanctions, OK, they threaten his economic and financial systems, but his view is, “so what, I am the Boss!” At this point one wonders whether he even realizes the danger of war that could accidentally result from one of his tantrum exercises in power.

New reports indicate that an armed convoy of Russian trucks crossed the border and entered Ukraine through a gap. Ukrainian artillery may have opened fire and destroyed trucks. Russia insists that no trucks crossed the border. So, what is the problem for Putin? If he allows Ukrainian guns to destroy Russian trucks, people might say he is chicken. If he proceeds to send in troops, armed conflict with Ukrainian forces could be a result. Macho man has to decide what to do.