Putin Plunges Into The Line!

The mind of Vladimir Putin is that of the ever plotting manipulator seeking to push his adversary into a move that allows a response that is military. The so-called “humanitarian convoy” bringing food and supplies to the beleaguered citizens of fictional “countries” located in the eastern region of Ukraine. The last thing on the mind of Putin is providing assistance to any person, place or government that does not acknowledge he is the supreme boss. Ukraine’s government made clear they regard trucks crossing its border as an act of war. This is a normal reaction from any government.

However, responding with arms is exactly what Putin seeks. He wants an excuse to send in the troops to end a war–naturally, the war that he began. Ukraine’s government should simply step aside, allow the trucks to unload their “humanitarian” supplies, and bid them a fond farewell. How about a special “Thank You” note from the Ukraine government? DO NOT Allow PUTIN TO HAVE AN EXCUSE TO INITIATE WAR!