Putin Seeks Nobel Peace Prize

It is now clear the Western World and the government of Ukraine has misinterpreted the glorious and noble leader of Russia. According to President Putin, the only desire in his heart is bringing to the people of Ukraine and Novorussia the benefits of peace and freedom. He is the ONLY leader in the world desiring an end to violence in what is termed, Ukraine. Western leaders insist on denying freedom to the peaceful people of Novorussia who they mistakenly term to be Ukrainians. Vladimir Putin stands on a platform of peace to all people, not just in this Ukraine, but throughout the world. He insists on immediate talks, “not just on technical issues, but on the political organization of society and statehood for southeastern Ukraine” which is really, Novorussia.

Just check the world of Russia for evidence of Putin’s desires for peace. Just ask gays and lesbians how their wonderful leader has fought for their right to get the hell beat out of them. Just check with evil doers in Russia seeking the right to speak their minds and meet together. Their beloved leader places them in jails in order to prevent them getting abused. This world must award a Nobel Peace Prize to this champion of freedom, this lover of peace!