Rick Perry Discovers There Are Prosecutors!

Governor Rick Perry has made clear to the American people that he is not the brightest person in the class when it studies the American or Texas Constitution. OK, so he was not clear as to which departments are in the Cabinet. Big deal. How many Americans know that important piece of information. However, it appears the Governor of Texas did not understand the law. A grand jury indicted Governor Rick Perry for the crime of attempting to intimidate a public official. Apparently, the legislator had appropriated $7.5 million to deal with issues pertaining to corruption in government. Rick contacted District Attorney Rosemarry Lehmberg and threatened to veto this bill unless she agreed to resign. Several of his key aides including his chief of staff, his general counsel and his legislative director testified before the Grand Jury.

San Antonio Special Prosecutor Michael McCruen expressed admiration for Rick Perry and his service to Texas, but also made clear. “the law is the law.” Governor Perry,if convicted, could have jail time. Of course, he always has the choice to head to the border with Mexico, swim across the Rio Grande and seek work in Mexico!