Rob Ford Emails

Residents of the city of Toronto in the great nation of Canada are rather upset because when they check emails, there are some from the office of its mayor, Rob Ford. Rob is a rather plump man with a nice tummy, and he enjoys the bottle. In other words, Rob is not only the leading citizen of the city of Toronto, but he is the leading drinker in that locale. In addition to enjoying a nice cool beer, the mayor also enjoys a nice relaxing encounter with the weed. He has been caught on videos dead drunk and dead to the world after a session with the weed. So, now comes this vicious attack on a man who simply seeks to send a few emails. OK, so some might wonder how did the mayor get my email? Good question? Now, if I could come up with a good answer.

Knowing Rob, here might be some other communications from the mayor’s office:

1. A bottle of beer for each person in the city of Toronto.

2. A nice piece of marijuana for each and every person seeking to relax.

3. An audio containing Rob speaking while under the influence.

4. A picture of Rob in his favorite drinking hole.

If the folk in Toronto have Rob in office, why not enjoy him to the fullest??