Same Sex Marriage Not Democratic

In the great state of Louisiana there is a great judge by the name of Martin LC Feldman who intends to protect the children of his state from the horror of being a child in a same sex marriage. He upheld the law in his beloved state which forbids those of the same sex to marry, and especially to have children to care and love. According to the Feldman thesis, Louisiana had a “legitimate interest under a rational bias for address the meaning of marriage through the democratic process.” In other words, if a majority of folks in Louisiana don’t want same-sex marriages they have the right to vote such laws. Of course, the democratic process a few years back forbid those with black skins from marrying folks with white skins, and the democratic process forbid those with black skins from being in schools with those in possession of white skins. It was simply an example of the democratic process.

Judge Feldman went on to warn that allowing same-sex marriages would produce “unintended consequences” such as family incest. I assume he means that two guys or two gals would seduce their children. A rather fascinating piece of logic. Frankly, the thinking process of this judge will become a source of humor when a higher court reviews his decision. Just a matter of time before democracy is replaced with social justice.