Sarah Palin Will Inspire America!

OK, so this guy, Barack Obama, wrote a book about his life and Theodore Roosevelt wrote a few about the history of the United States, but the American people can now finally learn what was important in their own history from an eminent authority on society, morals, and the American way of life–Sarah Palin. She will include selections from books that inspired her and helped shape a mind that knows as much about American or world history as someone in a coma. We assume among the books that helped shape her mind were:

Goldilocks –don’t break and enter

Little Red Riding Hood –beware of dark skinned strangers

Alice In Wonderland — a powerful insight into life in Alaska governed by Sarah

The Wizard of OZ– Behind every Washington D.C. politician is a wizard who manipulates.

Gettysburg Address –written by Glen Beck. Isn’t that right?

Conscience of a Conservative –if Sarah quotes from Goldwater’s book, the ground will shake as he turns over in his grave.

The Constitution –of Russia, that is.

The Frog Prince –always keep a promise unless not keeping one gets you a lobbyist

Pinnochio –it explains why Republicans have such long noses