Say, What About Ferguson?

The Department of Justice has launched a new investigation into the Ferguson Police Department in order to ascertain the impact of prejudice upon its members when they encounter black skinned people. The Justice Department wants to conduct a study, they want to research this issue. One can assume they need evidence before doing something. Each time there is an outbreak of violence which is the aftermath of murdering this or that black skinned guy, it is always followed by a “study.” We Americans believe fervently in the importance of studying the obvious. Heck, it took fifty years of studying to conclude there was need for a national health insurance scheme that had been in place within most European nations for fifty years. We continue to study the impact of smoking on human bodies.

Of course, we do NOT study the impact of allowing every American to posses a gun. We know the National Rifle Association has already done a study which proves that if every American had a gun, there would be an end to crime. So, lets study Ferguson. Frankly, any half intelligent person in this nation knows the outcome of the study. Ferguson police are prejudiced. Gee, and no one paid me for this conclusion!

  • Drake_Burrwood

    Well once the citizens of Ferguson started to show up armed in the middle of the night when seeing the places they worked, and did business with being looted on TV.. Looting almost disappeared.

  • Drake_Burrwood

    Now that all gun study, is a study I’d like to see but since the NRA mostly uses FBI data. I’m more worried about the increase in criminal killings and crime in cities and towns that attempted gun bans for the law abiding. Also from FBI data.