Send In The Troops!

The Republican party has entered another of its split personality moods. On one hand, Senator John McCain, Fox News, and a group of fighters for freedom are demanding action on the part of President Obamas in the Middle East. John wants to send in the troops, wipe out evil doers and return to the glorious days when General David Petraeus was gaining “victory” in the famous “surge” that wiped out al=Qaeda. On the other hand, most Republicans like Senator Rand Paul want to blame the president for his “inaction” even while proposing inaction as a policy. Some recent polls reveal an increasing number of Americans want the President to do “something” to halt the ISIS mad men, but at the same time oppose sending in American troops to wipe out evil doers. Given lurid stories about beheading of people, including an American, most Americans are angry, furious, seek action, but have absolutely no idea as to what should occur.

In reality, they are clear about one point– they do not want American soldiers to be killed. I have not come across any evidence Americans are flocking to recruitment stations in order to send their bodies into risk of battle. They want SOMETHING. Alas, SOMETHING inevitably sends people to their graves. An attitude of “you go, you do something, while I remain home criticizing,” will NOT halt ISIS.