Shoot Em Quickly

A news story from Ferguson, Missouri has greatly impacted me since for many years I worked with teachers from that city. Thirty years ago, Ferguson was a white working class area, and the number of black folks was rather small. It was one of those old fashioned Middle Western cities in which whites lived in all white areas, and the blacks knew their place. We used to term this, “separate but equal.” Of course, in reality it was “separate and unequal,” but who pays attention to such minor quirks of life. Whites were in place, and “those people” understood there was another place for you.

A black teenager became involved in some form of altercation with a policeman. For some reason or another, the conflict few more intense. Most reports indicate that Michael Bron raised his hands to indicate that he was not carrying a weapon. For one reason or another, some policemen grew concerned because a potential violent criminal was raising his hands to make clear there was no weapon. In the end, the black youth was murdered–not killed! Violence erupted with mobs in the streets, looting of business establishments and general chaos.

As one person summed it up: “”You ain’t got to kill him. He ain’t got a gun in his hand.” But, he was killed. Such is NRA America!