Sleeping With The Enemy

There are people in America who spend their waking and sleeping hours worried about who is sleeping with whom. There are soldiers of God who believes the Big Guy up in the sky on his infinite trips around the universe mainly is concerned with the issue of which life form is sleeping with which life form. In all honesty, I do not know if God casts an angry look at some monkeys or lions who engage in sex with a monkey or lion of the same sex. I have read the words of Jonathan Saenz, head of the important Texas organization known as Texas Values. Jonathan is enrolled in the fight against homos, gays, or whatever you wish to term those who fuck with someone of the same sex. Of course, if one lives in the great state of Texas it goes without saying that gays and lesbians are not welcomed in the land of purity.

Jonathan is married to a woman. He believes in men marrying women. Alas, for Jonathan. His wife, or should I say, ex-wife, teaches elementary school and has a friend named Ercimin Paredes. For some reason, Corrine decided that bedding down with Ercimin provided greater sexual pleasure than with Jonathan. Thus, the defender of Texas against lesbians wound up with a lesbian wife who soon became his ex-lesbian wife. Such are the trials and tribulations of those fighting against the hordes of lesbians at the border–or within- the state of Texas.