So, What Is New?

Reports indicate that Hamas and Israel negotiators are not going to reach any agreement. We offer a version as to how each side feels about these negotiations.


Several years ago when Israel invaded our homeland, we killed about ten Israeli soldiers. This time we killed over sixty so there is no doubt of our great victory in this conflict. We forced Israel soldiers to leave Gaza due to our tenacity in refusing to surrender. OK, so a few buildings were blown up. OK, so a few hundred civilians are dead. But, leaders of Hamas are alive and ready for the next fight. We have radicalized hundreds of young men which means there will be even more fighters ready to die fighting for the great cause. Now, you ask, what exactly is “the great cause?” The “great cause” is to inflict a hundred or so deaths upon Israel soldiers. If we kill Israel soldiers then it gives meaning to our lives. We gain pride in killing. We gain power in killing. So, why the heck should we sign any agreement not to cease fighting. Pray tell, what exactly do we do if we cease fighting? On with the fight!


They killed three of our children and we now have killed hundreds of their children. They killed three Israeli citizens so now we have killed nearly two thousand. They fired missiles that wrecked a few Israel homes, we flattened hundreds of their homes and left thousands without any place to live. We destroyed dozens of tunnels and intend to destroy any we find in order to prevent terrorists from entering our land of peace. We cannot trust any Palestinians, that is our motto of peace. Once again, we taught Hamas the lesson that kill one Israeli and discover that a few hundred Palestinians are dead. Might is right. Might leads to peace. “Never Again” is the lesson from World War II. Never again will Jews go quietly to their deaths!

On with the fight!