Steve Ballmer, My Hero

I was born in 1930 when there were heroes such as Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt. I was a teenager during World War II so Winston Churchill or General Eisenhower were my heroes. I was raised in the world of the New York Yankees bombers which possessed a dozen heroes for a young boy. Today, I lack any hero among our political leaders and in sports we are left with a LeBron James who moves from one team to another in his quest for money. Ah, MONEY, the essential goal for modern heroes. They want dough, and they want their pictures on this or that form of social media. Barack Obama is a nice man, but certainly words such as “heroic figure” are rarely associated with his actions. Then again, we have Ted Cruz and the ever enigmatic John Boehner who never uttered a single sentence that expressed an heroic idea. Oops, sorry, John is very firm on the idea of “I am against.”

So, along comes Steve Ballmer, who is on the Board of Microsoft. Steve announced that he was giving up his Microsoft connection in order to devote his time and energy in transforming the Los Angeles Clipper basketball team into the best collection of basketball players in the NBA. Now, THAT is an heroic goal! Ah, my dream to own the New York Yankees and fill that roster with YOUNG energetic players rather than a collection of old, tired athletes. If Steve pulls off his dream, it will be an act of heroism that will last a hundred years. So, a big cheer for Steve Ballmer!!