Strange But Close Buddies

As we all recall, the United States of America in 1979 decided that Iran, which had just driven out its Shah, was now an enemy state. During the 1980s, America supported the freedom loving nation of Iraq which was ruled by that fighter for freedom, Saddam Hussein. After all, he had invaded Iran which made him now an official member of the club of democracies. A few years have passed and now that Sunni controlled ISIL has gained control over northern Iraq, the idea of working with Iran to halt this terrorist group has become an attractive possibility for America. Both the US and Iran are united in opposing spread of Sunni Islamist terrorism, so what else to do but become allies.

I realize this poses ideological problems for Fox News or Tea Party supporters. After all, Iran is one of the bad guys so how can we ally with these folks? Let me note to those opposing an alliance with Iran that during World War II the US and England were allies of Communist Russia, then led by dictator Joseph Stalin who had murdered at least five million people. As English Prime Minister Winston Churchill, among the most fervent haters of communism put it: “I would form an alliance with the devil if it meant saving my nation!”

Good advice to follow.