Support Killer Of Black Men!

It was simply a matter of time before some organization was formed in order to support the real victim of the Michael Brown killing– the police officer who shot the unarmed boy! Yes, there now is a “Support Officer Darren Oliver GoFund Me” group seeking to raise money in order to show the world, some people in America know who was the one in danger on the night that Brown was killed. Heck, $7 tee shirts that argued in support of the killer sold out within moments. Central to this thinking is: policemen always are in the right, black men are always in the wrong. I am not arguing those who support our police are bigots, they simply believe this nation must and should fear the presence of black young men.

The concept of fearing black men goes back to days of slavery. Throughout the history of slavery in America there always was a Slave Patrol available in most areas of the South. Think about the reality of slavery? A white man who owned slaves frequently had to leave the plantation which meant his wife and daughters were now surrounded by black male men. A sense of fear was always present in the minds of white men– rape of wife or daughters became the foundation for fearing that black males had but one goal- attack white women.

I do not know Darren Wilson, no one knows what was in his heart on the night of the shooting. But, reality is, if you shoot a black male somehow, in some way, it is a preventive action. So, blast away!