Tea Party New Issue!

A recent event on a plane bound from New Jersey to Colorado will undoubtedly become a new rallying cry for members of the Tea Party. Tea Party supporters become incensed when our “rights” are taken away by government. Just consider the denial of rights to Officer Darren Wilson, not being allowed to shoot criminals! A male passenger on this plane was sick and tired of having his knees denied their Constitutional right to extend themselves to the length they desire. Please check your copy of the Constitution which clearly says that not only are we entitled to freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of guns, but also the right for our feet to just stretch out on a plane ride. Male passenger X placed a $20 gadget to his folding table which prevents the person sitting in front from leaning back their chair. For some reason, the woman in front became angry they shouted at one another, and she hurled some water in his face.

The plane was diverted to Chicago and both asked to leave the plane. This is another example of Big Government taking away the right of a man to control movement of HIS body parts. First, Big Government took control of my legs, next they will assume control of my arms, and finally they will assume control over my mind. Stand up for Freedom! We need the Supreme Court to rule that legs are protected by the Constitution!!