The Coup That Never Was

Theere is scant doubt that Iraq Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki will win this year’s Nobel Prize for the biggest screw up among world leaders. He inherited a government that included Sunnis and Kurds, he inherited a possibility to create a stable and functioning government. But, this angry, ignorant man, decided that his Shiite faith made it necessary to persecute Iraq Sunnis and ignore Kurds in the north. He definitely was incredibly successful at driving from the government Sunni and Kurdish leaders. He even made certain that Iraq Sunnis, who are divided among fundamentalists and secular factions all united and gave aid and support to militant fanatic members of the Islamic State of Syria and Iraq.

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmed Davutoglu, who has been working to establish an inclusive government in Iraq, was contacted by Kurdish sources which claimed that Maliki was attempting to stage a coup. Iraq army and police halted the coup and restored order to the capital. Hopefully, moderate Sunni and Kurdish groups can unite with the Shiites and restore stability to Iraq. Who knows, maybe, George Bush was right and democracy actually came to Iraq!