The End Of Democracy In Turkey

The nation of Turkey in the aftermath of World War I ended its monarchy and created a republic that was heavily secular in thinking an operation. From its initial leader, Ataturk, the armed forces and most public officials were committed to the concept of a secular government which granted all citizens the right of religious freedom. However, in exchange for this freedom citizens had to surrender control of the government to the Turkish Army. Its leaders decided which political leaders could be elected. However, in 2003, Recep Erdogan, and his Justice and Development Party took control of the government. Prime Minister Erdogan instituted a program that stripped the military of its power and ensured that civilians would control the government. However, his initial moderate Muslim centered government increasingly began to insist the Muslim religion should be a central feature of government. He became increasingly dictatorial in behavior and actions.

Several months ago, police in Istanbul tapped Erdogan’s phones as part of an investigation of corruption. Yesterday, about twenty policemen were arrested for the crime of illegal wire tapping even though their illegal act had uncovered illegal acts of the prime minister. I wonder how our Supreme Court would handle this case?