Top 3% Tops 97%

The media reported some very sad news today. A study by economists indicate our wonderful top 3% of people ONLY control 54% of our wealth. Sorry, I just made mistake. They do NOT control 54% of wealth, they control 54.4% of our wealth. Sorry, for that slip of the finger. In 1989 this wonderful group of people only controlled 44.8% of the wealth of America. I gather pundits on Fox News are quite upset. These figures are another example of how Barack Obama SOCIALISM is destroying our free enterprise system. Any Fox News pundit understands that as those with wealth gain more and more money, they then share this money with those on the bottom. It is called, the “trickle down theory” of economics. If only the top 3% could control 90% of our wealth, consider the enormous amount of this money that would shortly be in the hands of our middle class. Consider how many new Nanny jobs would be created for the middle class? Consider how many new jobs would be created for those working on yachts?

Instead of creating wealth our wealthy folks are so upset at only being in possession of 54.4% of the wealth, they spend their days angry and refusing to create wealth for the middle class. Please vote this year for US Senators who are committed to the proposition that our top 3% are entitled to 97%. Once we have reached this level, then we have a new 3% group– our middle class! They will then possess 3% of our wealth! God Bless the Wealthy, they are truly the children of Jesus Christ!