UN Views US As Unfit Nation

During the past few months, story after story has emerged from the United States of America about police either choking or shooting black skinned men while in the line of duty. From New York City to St. Louis to the West Coast have emerged stories in which black skinned men were involved in dangerous criminal activities such as selling cigarettes of walking down the street. The United Nations Committee on Elimination of Racial Discrimination(CERD) issued a statement indicating racial violation against Black men has become an American obsession. According to the report, “racial and ethnic discrimination remains a serious and persistent problem in all areas from defacto segregation, access to health care and housing.”

It was a HUNDRED YEARS AGO THIS YEAR, that our Supreme Court ruled that segregation violated the Constitution, and still this issue remains a problem in our society. Fox News may blame any and all issues of murdering black men as the fault of behavior on the part of black skinned men, but the outside world has another interpretation. Racial discrimination IS a problem. One step that remains to be taken is revamping our police forces. Another is to end this silly policy of cracking down on jay walking or selling cigarettes and focus on CRIME.