Water,Water, Everywhere And So Is The Oil!

The ongoing saga of the Obama administration which appears to encounter every example of tragedy and disaster that once impacted George Bush’s time in office continues with the nonstop flow of oil headed for the shoreline of Louisiana. The explosion on a BP oil rig has sent untold gallons of oil every onward creating one of the most unusual human made disasters in history. Republicans are right on target by denouncing the Obama administration for its inaction. Let me get this straight. Republicans insist the US–in the words of Sarah Palin–should drill, drill, drill for oil off the coast of the United States and now they are denouncing Obama for drilling off the coast of the US.

One can only wonder what the energy expert, Sarah Palin, deduces from this disaster. Does it mean we should think carefully before expanding offshore drilling? Methinks Sarah knows as much about energy conservation as she does about nuclear weapons or economic needs for a modern society.