We Need A New War On Crime

Perhaps, a wise member of a police department can explain why acts of crime have declined to historic low rates while at the same time the number of people in jail has risen to over two million. Just about each day there appears in our media another story about some person who engaged in an act of crime, and the result was death–not to police, but to the “criminal.” We need a new war on crime:

1. Shift use of police from worrying about who is smoking marijuana to those who are financial criminals.

2. Shift use of police from worrying about non-violent criminal behavior to those who are engaged in non-violent fiscal crime.

3. Fill the prisons with those wearing white collars rather than those wearing hoods.

4. How about shifting police to examining members of Congress who engage in the crime of selling their vote?

5. Just imagine an America in which agencies of law and order focused on government crime!

6. Imagine an America in which police supervised the health and safety of products being sold that threaten the health of our citizens?

I have a hunch the new War on Crime would result in greater safety for people in this country.