We Won! No! We Won!

Every so often my life on planet Earth results in an inability to grasp how the human species thinks and behaves. Today, the Internet displayed photos of Hamas soldiers celebrating with glee as they fired off weapons and shouted, “We Won, We Won!” Huh? At this moment, at least 2100 inhabitants of Gaza are dead, a few thousand are wounded, and thousands of houses are wrecked. So, exactly what did you guys, “win?” Oh, I forgot, they killed about sixty Israel soldiers and three civilians. I gather in their view, 2100 for 64 sort of evens up somehow. Meanwhile in Israel, latest polls reveal fury on the part of a large percent of Jewish Israelis(always remember that 20% of Israel citizens are NOT Jewish) are furious at Prime Minister Netanyahu for failing to “win.” I gather these folks believe to “win” entails the killing of every single Hamas soldier along with any and all young Gaza males who might wind up joining Hamas.

It would be a fascinating study to explore how Jewish Israelis regard the concept of “victory.” I regret to inform them that “victory” only makes sense if war concludes and no one else dies. Where oh where has the Peace Now movement in Israel gone –now that we need it?

  • AntiJew

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