Western Hurricane Of Anger!

Cornell West, Harvard professor and writer was once a fervent supporter of Barack Obama, but western winds of anger now emanate from his body. He regards Obama as a fraud who has sold black people lies in the form of progressive beliefs. “He posed as if he was a kind of Lincoln, and we ended up with a brown faced Clinton. He posed as a progressive, and wound out to be a counterfeit.” Strong words coming from one who held presidential candidate Barack Obama in high regard. Apparently, what galls West very much is his hero appears to be “most comfortable with upper middle class whites and Jews who consider themselves to be very smart.”

Of course, teaching at Harvard, Mr. West spends most of his time with upper middle class whites and Jews who consider themselves to be very smart. The problems of Obama do not stem from hanging around with whites or Jews, they arise from his lack of knowledge regarding American history and his distaste for politics. Barack Obama has never realized the President of the United States of America is a POLITICIAN. He must be adept at the world of negotiating with Congress, persuading opponents he can get them “goodies” in exchange for votes. A recent figure indicated Obama had hit there golf course 170 times, and only twice with a member of Congress, one was a Republican! This is his problem of leadership, he never grasped how great presidents in history were great politicians.

Professor West, do you really believe Obama would have been better off with working blacks and whites? Hell, since he thought and acted like a Harvard professor, he would have been lost with these groups!