What Now For Israel?

Reality: The armed forces of Israel have dealt a crushing blow to Hamas armed forces. Hamas at this moment in time is reduced to terrorist attacks including suicide bombers. It cannot function as an effective army in Gaza. So, what now for Israel?

1. Return to the negotiating table with President Abbas, head of the Palestinian Authority.

2. Urge Abbas to include representatives from Hamas in any negotiation. Make Hamas sign an agreement.

3. Cease West Bank settlements for six months.

4. Make a formal announcement the nation of Palestine will come into existence by January 1, 2015.

5. Accept the principle that neighborhoods in Jerusalem which are primarily Muslim will become the nucleus of a Palestinian capital.

6. Work with President Abbas on a comprehensive economic plan to stimulate development in Palestine and provide jobs.

7. Cease demanding that Abbas recognize Israel as a “Jewish state.” About 25% of people in Israel are NOT Jews. This is NOT an important issue, so why make it one?

The key factor is ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT, not political issues!