What Now Russia?

I am of Russian origin, and long felt proud for the role of Russian soldiers and civilians in the war to crush Nazi Germany. During the 1940s, the people of Russia fought against tyranny in their cities, in their plains and in their forests. Millions died in the battle to protect Ukraine from Nazi invaders. However, today, the silence of Russians is reflects a generation that has been cowed into being cowards. There are now Russian troops inside Ukraine aiding separatists. Hardly a day goes by without another lie from President Putin. Today’s lie is that any Russians inside Ukraine went there on their own decision. At least a thousand are fighting along side separatists. Ukraine forces captured nine Russian paratroopers only to be told there are no Russian troops who could possible be in Ukraine.

Exiled Russian businessman, Michael Khorordovsky was blunt in his appeal to his fellow Russians. “Our authorities are always lying, in the 80s about Afghanistan, in the 90s about Chechnya, and now about Ukraine. Why are we remaining silent? Have we become cowards? Are we scared of even thinking now?”

I regret to admit, my Russian people can only utter the silence of the lambs.

  • AntiJew

    Stopsky you are a dumb old Jewish pussy. Germany was never the aggressor. They were responding to the Jewish choke hold on German economy since WW1. Do you remember the Jewish Boycott on German goods? I think you are old enough to remember that. I should have taught you history moronic cunt.

  • Drake_Burrwood

    I know nothing about a Jewish boycott, and since there was no Jewish state Germany decided to fight with other countries?