Whatever Happened To Our Athletes?

I am a sport lover, and throughout my life, baseball, and basketball and football absorbed my attention. I was raised when a baseball pitcher was expected to pitch nine innings, and few worried about a relief pitcher coming to his aid. Today, managers worry about how many pitches a professional athlete is allowed to throw for fear his arm will suddenly cease functioning. In 1939 or 1949 no one ever counted pitches. The assumption was that throwing more pitches led to an arm that would become stronger, not weaker. Today, a player hits 220 and is rewarded with a contract for $5 million. In other words, a stumble bum earns more in one year than Babe Ruth earned in a lifetime, and he hit over 700 home runs!

We live in a world in which professional athletes earn incredible amounts of money, and managers baby them. Heck, in my youth a doubleheader meant two games right after one another and spectators paid one price for two games! We have coddled, worried about and babied a generation of entitled spoiled brats. The result is we have athletes who behave as though they are not able to extend themselves to the utmost of their abilities.

Oh, to live again in a world in which young boys and girls played without adult supervision and learned they could handle life quite well!