When Will Netanyahu Ever Become A Jew?

There is no question that Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has the support of most Jews in Israel. Of course, he does not enjoy the support of most Muslims and Christians who happen to be Israeli citizens. Knesset MP Nitzan Horowitz is among those Jewish Israelis seeking to create a democratic society in which ALL members enjoy equal rights, and which is led by someone who seeks to establish the basis of peace within the Middle East. According to Ms. Horowitz, “Netanyahu knows very well that there is a unique opportunity for major diplomatic action in the Middle East together with all the moderate factors but he does not want it, and does everything to sabotage it so he can survive politically.” I agree but disagree with her view. Yes, political factors influence Netanyahu, but his heart and mind are fixed on the proposition that Jews can never trust any Muslims. He is convinced that Muslims have no desire to live in peace with Jews.

This concept is now prevalent among Jewish Israelis. They feel beleaguered and surrounded by hostile forces of hate. They have survived for fifty years within such a world, and believe they can survive another fifty. For them, this attitude is what a Jew must believe. Jews such as Horowitz are regarded as simplistic optimists who really do not understand the reality that it is impossible for Jews and Muslims to ever live in peace and security. It is a belief. But, it is not the belief of Jews who have fought for centuries to establish democratic societies in which those of all faiths live together in peace.