Where Have Old Time Gangsters Gone?

Each day there appears stories about criminals who shoot children or seek revenge on an enemy by murdering a wife or sister or mother. Here in Chicago is is rare to get through a day without one killing of a child. Gangster X gets peeved at someone in Gang Y, and what else to do but blast away at a member of their family. I was raised in the slums of New York City back in the thirties and forties. There used to be a code of honor among thieves. Family members were off limits to their opponents, and shooting a female ranked as a NO NO. Heck, even among Mafia folk, the family was not to be touched, just go ahead and murder the bad guy.

The idiots who wander our streets with guns in hand–thanks to the benevolent wisdom of the National Rifle Association– have been raised to believe murder family members in order to prove your manhood. Sorry, walking up to a mother holding a child in hand, raising your gun, and firing is the mark of a coward. Seeing the nine year old brother of your enemy and killing him earns one the yellow mark of cowardice. We need to return to the code of murder that once prevailed among Jewish and Italian gangsters.

Oh, and above all, the old time code was: never steal in the neighborhood, go to another neighborhood!! That is how REAL gangsters function!!