Where Is Muslim Outrage At ISIS?

The Israel invasion of Gaza which led to the death of over two thousand people led to mass demonstrations around the Muslim world including marches in major European cities. Leaders of Muslim communities in England or France or Germany or in America denounced the government of Israel for its behavior. But, for some reason the world has not witnessed any Muslim marches denouncing ISIS which has been brutally murdering not only Christians and Yazidis, but thousands of Muslims! Yasmine Bahrani, professor of Journalism at the American University in Dubai wants to know where are Muslims for peace and justice, and where are Muslims who hate the brutality of ISIS and Boko Haram? “As long as our condemnations remain tepid, we give the impression that we accept the murderers” who have swept through the Middle East with hatred and brutality.

Professor Bahrani raises an important point. The vast majority of Muslims in this world do NOT believe in beheading innocent people, they do not believe in Boko Haram massacres of MUSLIMS, nor do they believe in murdering thousands of Muslims in Iraq. But, only silence is heard from Muslim leaders when these events transpire. Where are the voices of protest? Where are Imams marching for peace? It is time for Muslims to become vocal about their beliefs in democracy and peace.