White Fight, Not Flight In Ferguson!

My wife and I just returned from a trip to St. Louis where we spent time with her middle class white family. Just about every one of these whites support Officer Darren Wilson who has risen in the eyes of St. Louis whites to be a new hero. Many middle class St. Louis whites blame black skinned people for compelling their flight from good housing since who would trust their precious children to be in the same school with “those people?” St. Louis has always been a city in search of a meaning. Liberal minded immigrants mix with southern white refugees seeking a middle class modern life, and escape from the poverty of rural life. During the past thirty years St. Louis has ranked either one, two or three in the list of murders. Sorry, white folk, murder in St. Louis is an equal opportunity issue, it is the one activity in which whites and blacks share a common desire on how to express anger.

I was told that Darren Wilson was simply defending himself. I was told it was time whites held their ground against black criminals. After a few hours, it was apparent these people had fears. They had no contact with blacks, and if they did encounter one at work, she was the “exception.” Such is life in an area which has allowed hatred to become the motto of a fearful people. Ironically, blacks in Ferguson share similar fears about whites–they hate us. In the end, both whites and blacks in St. Louis county seek distance from one another. Just another example of Christian brotherhood in action!