Why Are We Debating?

Every so often, my mind becomes confused at debates that rage within the United States of America over supposedly “important” issues. I understand that in 1492, “scholars”k argued about the length of the Atlantic Ocean or exactly what was in Africa, or what caused most diseases. But, why today are we arguing about:

1. Global climates change. Over 90% of scientists are producing evidence this is happening, so what is the “debate” about?

2. Trickle down economics. There is absolutely NO evidence that reducing taxes on wealthy people leads to economic progress. During the period 1945-1970, there was a huge growth in our economy, and the top tax rate was at least 70% vs today’s 39%. So, what is the argument?

3. American government has always been centered in free enterprise. Absolutely historically in correct. From Alexander Hamilton’s tariff program to assist American business compete against English imports to construction of roads, canals, railroads, giving away free land under the Homestead Act to minimum wage laws, etc.. the Federal government has ALWAYS been involved in the economy.

4. Bombing will lead to defeat of guerrilla forces. How about checking out the Vietnam War?

So, why the heck is there a debate about these issues?