Why Do Islamists Win So Often?

Radical Islamist forces swept through Iraq, and now they have captured the airport in Tripoli, Libya in order to proclaim the existence of another rabid state of murderers. After losing an election in July, bearded gun men who seek to proclaim to the world that God is on their side in the fight to control the Muslim world of the Middle East. The pattern has become clear: moderates hold an election, Islamists cannot gain victory, they then turn to the barrel of guns, and defeat government forces. The question emerging from these events is: why do the bearded guys win? For some reason, moderates lack the intensity, the dedication, the willingness to die that is so characteristic of Islamists. One is left wondering at the absence of an ideology of democracy, the lack of a willingness to die for this belief. Iraq soldiers simply threw down their weapons, stripped off their uniforms or joined the bearded angry soldiers of the Islamist State of Iraq and Syria.

Those Muslims seeking to create modern democratic societies must ponder at what is lacking in their message? Their hopes for a vibrant expanding society guaranteeing work or education or rights for all simply does not resonate with most young men. These men seek something other- death and destruction. As Islamists captured the airport in Tripoli, Libya, they danced and shouted, “Allah O Akbar, God Is Great. Why aren’t those who believe in democracy filled with a similar rapture? Why does Death triumph over death in the Middle East?