Words Don’t Kill, Guns Do

I taught high school for ten years working in an all boys school in Harlem, in a small town high school in California, and a Long Island upper class high school. I have trained over 8,000 teachers. I made clear to teachers that the fewer rules, the easier is teaching. During my ten years there was only one rule: No one is allowed to insult the integrity of another person in the room, that includes me. The more rules, the more that are broken and the more students wind up being punished. Makes no sense.

Kendry Turner who attends Dyer County High School has a teacher who is in love with rules. In his class, students are forbidden to employ the following words”

Bless you.
“I don’t know.”
Hang out.

After a student sneezed, Kendry said: “Bless you.”

The result was that she was removed from class and had an in school suspension. The Assistant Principle backed up the teacher.

The essence of teaching and learning is that we all–teacher as well as student– constantly says: “I don’t Know.” Those words begin the exploration for knowledge. I assume the teacher fears students expressing their feeling about him-boring, dumb.

The teacher should have been removed from the classroom and given in school suspension for ever!