You Spy, I Spy, We All Spy

The German newspaper, Der Spiegel has reported there is evidence Germany’s secret intelligence agency, BND spied on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as well as her successor, John Kerry. The spying occurred during a spy activity, and, in reality spying on American diplomats was simply an accident. I see no reason why Germans should apologize for spying on Americans. In fact, we offer a suggestion that might help all spies.

1. There is need for a Spy Conduct of Behavior Treaty. All nations sighing the document agree to abide by its rules of conduct.

2. Each signee is allowed five spy activities each year without any consequences.

3. Every three years there will be a Spy Olympics in which spies demonstrate their ability to spy.

4. For each spy activity by another spy, the spied upon nation is entitled to three free tickets to the Spy Olympic Games.

5. Once a spy cracks the code of another spy agency, it is not allowed to share this information with a third party.

Instead of getting angry, let’s just legalize spying.