Does Hillary Hear Sounds Of The Fat Lady Singing?

Senator Hillary Clinton has less than two weeks to make a dramatic change in the upcoming key primaries of Texas and Ohio. The polls increasingly show her opponent is catching up in the so-called firewall states and her increasingly tired remarks just are not resonating with the American public. Perhaps, the most confusing aspect of the Clinton race for the nomination is the inept non planning for post super-Tuesday primaries throughout the nation. As she calmly sat back and talked about winning in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas, Barack Obama was storming around the nation capturing one primary after another. The other day, Clinton expressed surprise to her staff at the manner in which Texas delegates were apportioned, didn’t anyone know about this process?

Future analysts will examine the Hillary Clinton campaign as a case study in ineptness. They will be most shocked at the Clinton failure to have a strategy, to identify key themes, and to separate herself from the control of loyal staff members and go before the American people as a passionate believer in liberalism. Her message is flat, her tone is tired, and her body language remains stiff. Hillary Clinton’s most apparent mistake was allowing her husband to play a prominent role in the campaign, Bill was a distraction and hurt her image as a powerful woman and political leader in her own right.

The fat lady’s voice can be heard and it will be thundering on March 4 with the sounds of defeat. When she comes onstage, it is time for Senator Clinton to get off, and return to the Senate where she has done excellent work. Bill can go back to his $200,000 a speech ways and Barack Obama can assume the mantle of leading the Democratic party.