High School Bureaucracy Gone Mad!

There was a student who was on the Arapahoe HS debate team and had a conflict with the coach. She demoted Karl Pierson which made the boy rather angry and he publicly made clear that he intended to murder the coach. Naturally, after a brief detention, the principal allowed the boy to return to class. After all, schools receive state money for each student who is listed as attending school that day. Last December 13, Karl returned –along with a shotgun, a machete and blood in his eyes since he intended to murder the debate coach. Alas, he could not carry out the threat and wound up murdering a 17 year old girl. He then committed suicide.

Attempts to contact the principal and other school authorities about the decision to allow Karl getting back in class have met with “no comment.” School officials note they are not allowed to discuss any disciplinary case. This is simply another example in which a suburban youth decided to enter a school and begin blasting away. The boy needed psychological aid, not going back to class. When will school authorities ever learn that some children should be under medical care rather in classrooms?

  • Wayne Sand

    Seems to me that this is the same thing that has been going on all throughout the country in the schools. And then we end up with a school shooting from some kid that they knew beforehand that he was in need of some psychological help.But instead of admitting that they knew this, they want to put the blame on firearms! Not once have I heard that a gun jumped out of the closet and shot somebody!

    People kill people! It doesn’t matter what they use to get the job done, the fact is that people do it, not the tool!

    There are some of you out there that think “Gun Free Zones” are the way to go and they all feel safer while being there. Have you people read at all where these shootings seem to all take place? “Gun Free Zones” Criminals don’t pay attention to rules, laws, or signs so quit trying to impose restrictions on honest, law abiding citizens.