Assad, Another Way To Spell, Stalin??

In June of 1941, Adolph Hitler launched an invasion of the Soviet Union. Joseph Stalin was dictator of that nation and during his twenty years in power had murdered an estimated 15 MILLION people. At that point in time, Stalin had killed more people than Hitler. Upon hearing notice of the German attack, English Prime Minister Winston Churchill, among the leading anti-Communists in his nation, made clear to Stalin they were now friends and allies in the war to end Nazism. As Churchill put it, “I would shake hands with the Devil if it meant saving England.” Walid al Moualam is Foreign Minister of Syria, a land in which the beloved, President Assad has murdered at least 190,000 of his own people and driven over two million to lives as refugees. Moualam informed Western Powers of Syria’s willingness to cooperate with any international program to destroy Islamist terrorists such as ISIS.

A question now confronting President Obama is whether the US would be willing to cooperate with Assad, the man he has promised to destroy? So, what now? The Stalin road, which eventually led to the end of Nazism, or refusing to deviate from the anti-Assad path? Reality- America needs bases in Syria from which to launch attacks. Reality, ISIS at this moment is the real threat to peace in the Middle East. So, what now, Mr. President?