I realize there are cynics in this world who doubt whether Russia can have an authentic election. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin was up to all hours of the night worrying whether he would receive sufficient votes to win the presidential election. The last time he ran for president  the total was 74% for him, and guess the amount for his opponents. This time, he achieved the figure of 64%. I gather there is currently an investigation about this total since the figure was supposed to be 78%. Someone apparently made the mistake of counting ballots honestly!

Putin was reduced to tears knowing that what he knew would occur actually took place-his victory in the president contest. “I promised you we would win. We have won. Glory to Russia. We have won in an open and fair struggle.”

There are reports of some folk who are not happy with this glorious triumph of what should happen coming true. Some half naked women ran into one polling station with “Stealing for Putin” on their bare breasts. Most probably, they are agents of the CIA or one of those anti-Russian groups.

During the coming days there will be stories about “carousel” voting which allegedly consists of voters being bussed from one polling stations to another. This is merely Western propaganda. Why have people get ridden from one place to another when there are plenty of people available at any one polling station who gladly would vote as you desire for a ruble or a drink of vodka?