What Might A Middle Eastern Program Be?

President Obama has been criticized for lack of a Middle Eastern program. There is no question since becoming president he has failed to outline a logical course of action in the Middle East. Aside from being clear that American forces would no longer fight in Iraq, and that America would not get involved in the horror of Syria, Barack Obama has never laid out a strategy for the Middle East. Sorry, Barack, but being clear about what you will NOT do is not a strategy. So, what might be a strategy?

1. Have John Kerry meet with Iranian leaders in order to form a new Middle East alliance centered on Iran, the US, and Turkey working together.

2. Make clear to Iran they can have a non-lethal nuclear program.

3. Make clear to Israel it MUST recognize the independent state of Palestine.

4. Make clear to Israel it MUST accept a compromise which allows current Jewish settlers to remain in the West Bank, but turns remaining land over to the Palestinian Authority.

5. Establish, together with the European Union, Saudi Arabia, and other Arab leaders, a new Middle East Economic Union which initially includes Turkey, Iran, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Algeria and Morocco. The purpose of this Economic Union is stimulating economies and providing jobs for young Arabs. Get people into productive work rather than unproductive killings.

In other words, there must be a two pronged Middle Eastern strategy, one focusing on jobs and economic development, the other on creation of a Middle Eastern armed force to confront ISIS. The United States could provide equipment for this force which contains men from: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Turkey, Jordan, Algeria and Morocco. It should be led by an Iranian general.