Jewish Democratic Congressman Blasts Palin

Congressman Robert Wexler of Florida, lashed out at John McCain’s choice for the vice presidential office by accusing her of supporting efforts of those opposing the state of Israel and urging the election of Pat Buchanan in 2000. Wexler insisted “John McCain’s decision to select a vice presidential running mate that endorsed Pat Buchanan for president is a direct affront to all Jewish Americans.” He pointed out Buchanan has been a notable enemy of Israel and has decried efforts to bring former Nazi soldiers to justice while making some of his normal inane remarks about Hitler did a few good things. Wexler was particularly upset at her support for Buchanan who has been a leading voice among anti-Israel critics.

Jewish Republicans in Alaska, all nine of them, insist Palin has worked well with Alaska’s Jewish community. Joking aside, evaluating Palin on the issue of Israel is simply one of many foreign policy areas in which it is clear she lacks much knowledge. Of course, the other night on CNN a Republican commentator insisted she had extensive foreign policy experience because, as he put it, “Russia is way up there, right next to Alaska.” And, she is the general in charge of the Alaska National Guard.