We offer observations on the human condition from a 22 year old mind trapped in an 82 year old body.


Lack of curiosity killed the cat.

I wonder if on other planets they have a concept of money,

Huge mom, huge dad and budding huge kids.

Bagels for Christmas morning is not kosher.

I enjoy the serenity of Sunday morning.

Age teaches there are limits to bodies.

Long time since I heard the expression, “Mutt and Jeff.”

Until 18 the only doctor I saw was for my tonsils.

“Female liberation” somehow translated into liberation of  the body.

For Republicans, “my brother’s keeper” means the wealthy one.

I never cried in my father’s presence, not one time.

All too often we readily accept poverty as normal.

“I am the Lord” sayeth the Lord. I suspect Republicans would  want an investigation.

Some twist hands while ordering food.

I am impressed these days when a young girl takes out a book to read.

I dreamed in youth of voyages to the stars, these days I will accept a voyage to my mind.

To cease to dream is to cease to live.

I have never felt joy when being able to exert power over humans.

I dream of being an alien on an alien planet.

A single human mind has infinite thoughts.

Some sit to eat with a pained expression.