Obama Sweeps North Carolina And Barely Lost Indiana

Senator Barack Obama had an impressive win in North Carolina where he won by an overwhelming 200,000 vote victory. Senator Hillary Clinton barely won in Indiana by a few thousand votes. CNN analyists pointed out her winning margin came as a result of winning a high percent of the senior citizen vote while Barack Obama won a majority among those under the age of 65.

The past two weeks were among the most difficult for Barack Obama given the wild comments by the Reverend Wright whose antics were widely reported in the media. Despite this distraction, Obama won big in North Carolina and barely lost in Indiana.

Senator Clinton undoubtedly will continue her campaign even though she will never get the nomination. The real question facing the Clintons is why go on? The answer may well be the Clintons never met a loss they couldn’t convert into what they termed a victory. Unfortunately, the world regards their loss as a loss.