Rudy Giuliani, The Beggar Man

In a recent letter soliciting funds for the Rudy Giuliani campaign his campaign managers pleaded that “everyone in the campaign is doing all we can to conserve resources to help Rudy get elected” including staff forgoing their salaries. “Will you help us one more time?” pleaded the communication. Meanwhile, down in Florida, Rudy gave another of his 9/11 speeches in which he claimed to save America due to his heroics on that tragic day. The senior citizens, many from New York, apparently thought his comments made sense. However, when they exited, they discovered on automobile windshields, a communication from firefigher organizations that said: “Rudy Didn’t Prepare NYC After 1993(the first World Trade Center bombing)Took Place. How Can We Trust Him To Prepare America?”

One can only assume Rudy Giuliani will not forgo receiving his normal $200,00 to make one of his speeches in the name of his campaign. The only sacrifice he ever makes is to sacrifice the money of others.

  • Chip

    Rudolph’s run will only last until voters know what his record is;

    Candidate Research – Know Who You’re Voting For ( The Easy Way )

  • Joe Crandall

    For those of you who have an agenda involving a candidate other than Rudy, well, it’s your right to post what you want. I AM getting a little tired, however, of reading the same tired anti-Giuliani talking points over and over again.

    My personal favorite is this refrain:

    Crime goes down in NYC? nope, Giuliani had nothing to do with it

    Economy improves dramatically in NYC? again, NOT Giuliani – no how, no way

    9/11? Oh yeah, that was so TOTALLY Giuliani’s fault!

    Get real folks (or at least get consistent.)

    For those here who maybe, just maybe are possibly open to hearing some facts about Rudy, here are some responses to these tired talking points:

    Anti-Guiliani talking point #1: Rudy left NYC with a deficit.

    Not sure where this one came from, but here’s a good headline to look at: “Mayor Giuliani Inherited $2.3 Billion Budget Deficit And Turned It Into Multi-Billion Dollar Surplus.” (Steven Lee Myers, “A Deficit Revisited,” The New York Times, 7/31/94.) Yeah, that’s right – the New York Times!

    Anti-Giuliani talking point #2: Bernie Kerik might be a bad guy.

    One of the best qualities I think any person can have is loyalty. The flip side of loyalty is that sometimes, it can really bite you in the ass. ‘nuff said.

    Anti-Giuliani talking point #3: Well, crime was going down throughout the U.S., so it’s not like Rudy really accomplished anything.

    NYC’s crime reduction was THREE TO SIX TIMES THE NATIONAL AVERAGE! NYC became (and remains) the safest big city in America!

    Anti-Giuliani talking point #4: Rudy’s been married three times.

    Who cares? Honestly, I don’t care at all how many times a candidate has been married, as long as I know he can get the job done. Rudy can get the job done. We’re not looking for a boy scout troop leader – we’re looking for a president, the best man for the job.

    Anti-Giuliani talking point #5: Giuliani is a fascist.

    Can anyone say “Anti-Italian-American slur”?

    And #6: “all he ever talks about is 9/11.” Shame on anyone who says “all” Rudy ever talks about is 9/11 – that’s making light of an event that killed over 3,000 people. Rudy’s performance that day is, by itself, enough to give him my vote.

    And you know what? Let’s put all of this stuff aside, because we have bigger fish to fry. For anyone just tuning in, the next 4 to 8 years are going to be a bumpy ride in the U.S. The biggest problem we’re going to face? The terrorists’ war against us (they’re just getting warmed up, folks – seriously!) In 1995, NYC hosted a big event at Lincoln Center for various foreign dignitaries. Guess who crashed the party? None other than Yasser Arafat. Rudy’s response? HE THREW HIS TERRORIST ASS OUT THE DOOR! When the city’s liberal elite cried foul, Giuliani replied, “I would not invite Yasser Arafat to anything, anywhere, anytime, anyplace. I don’t forget.”

    Neither will we, Rudy. No matter what happens over the next few weeks, we will NEVER forget.

  • Fred Stopsky

    1. Anyone who understands crime in America is aware that more or fewer police has nothing to do with crime rates. Crime rates went down at the same percentage as in New York under Giuliani as in Chicago, Atlanta, Denver, etc.. It has to do with the number of people in the age bracket, 18-26.
    2. The New York police innovations were due to the ideas of the head of New York’s police department. Giuliani fired him because reporters were giving him credit for reduction in the crime rate.
    3. Throwing out a foreign diplomat who was attending the UN is an act of publicity. Tell me how did Giuliani’s action help resolve the Israel-Palestinian conflict?
    4. After the initial World Trade Center bombing, your beloved leader got the insane idea of placing a command center in a high rise building!! Huh! Every expert advised a below the ground facility, but Rudy knows best, doesn’t he– after all he threw Arafat out of the Lincoln Center! Mayor Giuliani failed to improve communications between fireman and policemen which was a problem in the original WTC bombing. Why do you think the firefighters hate your beloved leader? Because his incompetence cost the lives of firemen.
    5. Giuliani played to white fears of black people. He alienated just about every African American leader in New York.
    6. Since you believe he is so steadfast, could you explain his switch on gun control, on immigration, etc…?
    7. Would you like a list of Giuliani requirements if anyone is stupid enough to pay him a $100,000 to spew out his hogwash concerning his knowledge of handling terrorism? By the way, could you please provide a list of SPECIFIC IDEAS HE HAS ON DEALING WITH TERRORISM?

  • Joe Crandall

    Fred: once again, anti-Giuliani talking points. Let’s try it this way: who do you support? My candidate fought the mob and won; turned around the second biggest city in the U.S.; has a long history of cutting taxes; has a long history of getting things done against enormous odds; threw Yasser Arafat’s terrorist behind out of Lincoln Center; and was a beacon of hope on the darkest day in American history. What’s so special about YOUR candidate? Honestly – anyone can make up lies and/or spin about anybody – but let’s hear why it is you’re so passionate about YOUR choice for president! (Prediction? No response – /sound of crickets chirping/)

  • Joe Crandall

    And, just one more thing – Yasser Arafat – a FOREIGN DIPLOMAT! I’m going to throw up – thank God for people like Rudy who understand what Yasser Arafat really is! It’s about time we had someone in the White House who understood the true nature of the Islamic threat.

  • Joe Crandall

    Ok, one more thing:
    (Rudy’s plan re: terrorism)

  • Fred Stopsky

    Perhaps, I am living in a different world than yours, but are you serious that “Giuliani fought the mob and won” Huh! That is the problem with Giuliani rhetoric. The mobs of New York can not be “beat,” they will always exist. A mayor does not “turn a city around,” that is pure rhetoric, it is done by business, labor, schools, etc.. I note you make no claims about his educational policies since he had none.
    Could you explain why firefighters hate your beloved Giuliani and the police are not far behind in considering him a blowheart who took credit for the police commissioner’s ideas and then fired him?
    As I pointed out, crime rates dropped all over America during this time period regardless of who was mayor. Could you explain that?
    Could you please provide the specific program Mr. Bullshit artist will offer America on how to deal with the”Islamic threat” or whatever that means? By the way, the largest Muslim nation is Indonesia which poses no threat, the next hightest Muslim population is in India which poses no threat, there are Muslims in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, etc.. are they also part of the “Islamic threat?”
    P.S. If Rudy didn’t take away all those police to guard his butt, they could have been used down at the World Trade Center to actually save people.