Barack, The Independent President

Since assuming the office of president of the USA, Barack Obama has displayed an independent attitude which almost ignores the views of those termed, “liberals.” In many respects, the president has made harsher comments concerning liberals than he has about right wing fundamentalists. His assumption is liberals are trapped and must go along with his ideas, regardless of their conservative nature because the alternative is the Tea Party. Obama took office with a 10% unemployment rate and people upset at the government. Franklin D.Roosevelt assumed the presidency with an unemployment rate of 24%, but in the next mid-term elections his party won an overwhelming majority in Congress. Barack Obama ignored the Democratic party in 2010 and the result were massive gains for Republicans.

It is one thing for a president to be independent, but it is another when no program emanates from his office. A cynic might be led to believe that Barack Obama would sacrifice the Democratic party in order to get re-elected. He continues failed education policies of former president Bush, he continues failed programs that deny civil rights to people, and he continues to pursue the green dollars of Wall Street folk.

So, who is this mystery man? Beats me. He comes across as the Independent party of Barack Obama whose platform is getting re-elected, getting re-elected, and fuck the Democratic party and liberal principles!