This blog has decided to form a new political party which will save this nation from having to vote for the likes of Mitt, Mike, Mitch, Sarah, Barack, Ron, or Newt. We need a new party which stands up straight and tall for basic American values. We need a political party which is committed to ensuring that each and every American will have joy in life and feel satisfied at the end of the day that something worthwhile has been accomplished. So, what is the PPP?

The Pro Penis Party of America is committed to preserve the essence of each citizen by only offering for election, men who are upright in displaying their capabilities, and are not afraid if each and every American has an opportunity to get a hand on changing America for the better. So, what does the PPP offer America?

1. Each week members will receive on their computers a selection of the best Penis pictures for the week.

2. Each member will be sent a free rubber glove to use in supporting our candidates in the fight to be rigid in preserving PPP values.

3. Each week, members will receive at least three stupid remarks uttered by Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann. On Wednesday, there are bonus stupidities from Fox News pundits. UNEDITED!

4. Each member receives a special opportunity to massage our candidates to ensure what they wish to express, emerges in all its watery glory.

5. The PPP believes in Free Enterprise. We do not want government to lay a hand on our leaders or their right to fully express who they are. PPP supporters possess the right to let it all hang out!

Look at it this way, the PPP is the only honest political party in America. We will never hide who we are, we will always let things emerge from hidden areas, and while some pledge allegiance to the flag, we pledge allegiance with both hands and make certain our comments are known to all.