What Makes Hillary Run?

The results are in from North Carolina and Indiana, but vote tallies do not appear to impact the thinking of Hillary Clinton if her comments today can be accepted at face value. She insists the fight is gong on until a “nominee is chosen.” Just about every political pundit and analyist has expressed the view her campaign is over, but the senator from New York is battling like some distored Rocky caricature in hope she can rise from the canvas and knock out Barack Obama. What makes her continue running-is it ambition, her ego, her need to be in the limelight?

If the life story of the Clintons has any bearing on her current desire to fight on to the convention floor and, in so doing, antagonize the entire Democratic party, it suggests both Bill and Hillary contain aspects of a self destructive personality. Obviously, using expressions such as “self destructive personality” opens one to the charge of throwing around pop psychology and cliches. How else to explain a president who conducts a sex affair in the White House? How else to explain a candidate who is mathematically out of the running for president but continues the good fight?

The anger, the vituperation, the anger, the recasting of personality in order to present herself as a working class girl who rose from the streets to attend an Ivy League institution when she could spare time from hunting and fishing. Hillary Clinton with each passing day offers a portrait of frenzied behavior, and hostility to Obama which comes across as fury toward one who stole her chance to become president.

Whatever makes Hillary Clinton run it certainly is not driven by loyalty to the Democratic party or to interests and needs of the American people. Hillary Clinton can transform herself into a figure who will go down in history, not as the first female president, but as one who stepped aside in order to ensure this nation had a new birth of freedom and peace. A great leader runs for the people, not for self.