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Report Zimbabwe Army Orders Mugabe To Be Winner!

The Southwest Radio of Africa reports the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission(ZEC) within the next few hours will declare President Mugabe has won the election despite the fact he aonly obtained about 35% of the vote. Military leaders met in Zimbabwe earlier today and decided to instruct the ZEC to declare Mugabe the winner. This is being done despite evidence the Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) won a majority of parlamentay seats and its candidate is ahead in the presidential election with about 68% of the vote. The ZEC was given two to four hours to allow the millitary to deploy forces to crush any revolt or demonstrations by the people of Zimbabwe. The people of Zimbabwe are calling upon all nations to stand with them in fighting this blatant violation of democratic procedures.

Handel Mlilo, Chief Representative and Ralph Black, Deputy Chief Representative are prepared to talk with anyone seeking further information.


Madness In Somalia Goes On And On

The ongoing slaughter of the innocent continued in Somalia when Ethiopian soldiers blasted the market area in Mogadishu after being attacked by Muslim militants. Anti-government Muslim militants sent some mortars in the direction of Ethiopan troops who were guarding the hilltop complex of Vill Somlia and hit their position. In response Ethiopian forces sent shells hurtling into the Barara market area of the capital which lay below. Seventeen people were killed and dozens were wounded by fire originating from Ethiopian soldiers who supposedly entered their nation to restore law and order from fundamentalist Muslim groups.

Ali Mohammed Siad told Reuters, “We believe the Ethiopian troops targeted Bakara deliberately” even though merchants have hired their own guards to prevent insurgents from using the area to conduct attacks. Somalia leaders have long blamed the Bakar market area for being the source of supplying weapons to insurgents.

Over a year ago the United States encouraged Ethiopia to launch an attack on Somlia in order to get rid of its fundamentalist Muslim government. The result has been hatred towad the Christian foreign Ethiopians from Somalians and ever increasing violence. This is merely another footnote to the dysfunctional foreign policy of George Bush.

Nobody Asked Me But,

Each week, we present our views about life on planet Earth without any attempt to prove what we say is valid. These are observations of a 77 year-old man on the human condition.

I have never figured out the miracle from Miracle Whip, have you? It is one of those products I will die without ever tasting.

The other day a man was arrested for tasting soup in a supermarket. The Deli man always allows me to have a taste of what I purchase. I wonder if there are security people wandering supermarkets ready to pounce on people like me who squeeze fruit. Thank
God the sqeeze police were not around when my mother was alive, she would spend every day in jail.

Ity is 6:30 p.m. I am in the fast food area of a mall and am the only one in sight except for those working here. Did an atomic bomb wipe out the human race?

Why does my umbrella always break when rain begins but never when it ends?

I was born into a generation in which boys did not wear caps as a form of protest against our fathers who always wore a hat. Today, all young boys wear hats. Who is responsible for that revolution?

I had the loveliest compliment the other day, someone called me an “Obama lover.”

Why aren’t there books and programs to help people gain weight?

I love wandering in office buildings and reading the names of companies and organizatons. What exactly does the TROG company do? Then, again, who cares.

I had my perennial nightmare the other evenng. In it I drive into Manhattan and every single parking space on the island is taken. I must then drive around for eternty.

As of this date, Governor David Patterson of New York has not informed the world of the name of the first girl he ever kissed or his first encounter with sex. I anxiously await his discussion of these two important events.

I think my dying last words will be, “have we won in Iraq?”

Sounds of police sirens in Europe arouse fear in me, sounds of police sirens in America arouse excitement and I want to follow them.

Residential streets that lie close to business districts are always devoid of people and the sound of silence permeates the air.

There are always people on the first warm day after winter who wear heavy jackets. They are weather doubters and play life safe. I am an inbetweener, enough to keep me warm, but not enough to make me feel hot.

Do you think future presidential candidates will have to take a pledge they will only sleep with spouses? My main interest in the Eliot Spitzer episode is when did this man ever find time to deal with governing the state?

There is a newstand in Clayton, Missouri which has newspapers and magazines from around the world. I spend hours in it experiencing a trip around the planet without leaving America.

I know that John McCain believes in truth, the flag, the American way of life, but does the man have any economic plans to get us out of the current financial mess other than cutting taxes?

Is is a coincidence that Cheney and McCain visited Iraq and on their departure the place exploded in violence? I guess both men would argue that militants are so frightened of their presence they must wait until these men leave before engaging in any violence.

i have never seen a security guard who engenders feelings of security within me.

If two people are sitting at a table with four chairs, the probability of them sitting directly opposite one another is small.

The only time I ever read People magazine is in a doctor’s office. I pick it up, glance at a few stories, sigh, and wonder why anyone cares about these uninteresting celebrities.

I continue purchasing a quart of chicken fried rice from the same place even though it really doesn’t taste good. My Depression phlosophy is cheap is better than taste.

If Law and Order and its variations were removed from TV, what would people be left to watch?

Hlllary Clinton will go down in history as the Ralph Nader of 2008.

Arab Summit-Who Exactly Will Show Up?

Meetings of Arab leaders over the years invariably produce initial sounds of determination to resolve critical issues only to produce nothing but the sounds of silent pessimism. Once again an Arab “summit meeting” is taking place in Damascus but most of the key players in the Arab world will not be present. Only 12 of the 22 delegates from Arab nations represent even someone at the foreign minister level which may signify growing disgust with Syria’s role in the Middle East. Syria is held responsible for the mess in Lebanon, not all agree with its policies of providing weapons to Hamas and Hizbullah, and the persecution of Sunni Muslims in Syria does not resound positively with many Muslim nations.

In an interview with Al-Ahram, Hesham Youssef, of the Arab League, agrees, “Yes, there are differences among Arab countries abut the issues of relations with the United States and Iran,” but all seek some way to resolve problems and avoid further military action. Everyone essentially agrees General Michel Suleiman should become president of Lebanon and end the current impasse, but things are blokced by disputes as to who has which powers in the Lebanon Cabinet.

There is no question Israel has repeatedly made blunders in its policies toward Palestinians, but they are aided in this inability to find common ground for peace by the ineptness of Arab leaders to curtail violence in the region. Unfortunately, Arab nations of the Middle East lack a personage of the stature of a Nelson Mandela who can assert leadership and move ahead toward peace. If Iran had a leader with vision, it might help, but that most probably will not occur in the immediate future. It may well be that Turkey offers the last opportunity for leadership in moving toward resolving issues within the region.

Soldiers Defend Barack Obama

We print the following letters without comment. When members of the military write, their words should be presented as written. Both appeared in the Stars & Stripes.

“I cannot believe Ann Coulter’s comments in ‘Obama threw wrong person under the bus,'(March 24). I cannot believe Stars & Stripes published such inflammatory accusatory, vile, disgusting information. Coulter appears to be out of touch with the real world, or at least the black protion of it. I was born in 1970 in rural North Carolina and I want to know where is this ‘post-racial America’ she refers to? I’d like to go there.

I have been fortunate to do the things Ameica expects of its citizens and try to live my llife by faith(not always successfully, the Golden Rule, and do all the things my single mothers, older sisters and othe influential adults tried to teach me. I think I’m living my life the way I’m supposed to. I would like Coulter to explain why, when I’m stateside, store employees follow me when I am shopping, the black community is stopped on an increased frequency by law enforcement, and why, when going to a new job, we’re expected to prove that we are better than our counterparts? When blacks live in a second-hand-citizen environment, is it any wonder why they become angry?

Often, minorities live dual lives to be successful. America expect us to live in a certain culture in public that ogten differs from how we live at home. This is supposed to be a country of diversity, in actuality, it seems only acceptable when the majority can celebrate on its own terms. Coulter has obviously lived a very sheltered life, and likely cannot appreciate these comments….When you have lived enough of these experiences and see the common threads, then and only then could you understand.
Maj. D. Tim Williams Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan.
March 28, 2008

“It amazes me how a letter writer can view Jeremiah Wright’s comments as being racist. But yet events occure such as a 15 year-old black girl, with no prior record, get seven years in jail for pushing a hall monitorand the same judge who sentenced her (reportedly) sentenced a 16 year-old white girl to one year probation for burning down her family home.

I love being an American and I love protecting my country and our way of life, though there have been many moments when I have not been proud of things that have happened–slavery, the slaughter of thousands of Native Americans in order to get their land, police brutality, not to mention the outrage over Katrina victims….

It is absurd to suggest that (Barack) Obama has to think like Wright because he was under his spiritual guidance. One doesn’t have anything to do with the other. So, should we gather from his statement that all Catholics enjoy molesting little boys because many of their spiritual leaders do? Of course not?
Sgt. Rachelle Cunningham Camp Arifjan, Kuwait
March 27, 2008

Zimbabwe Opposition Claims Huge Victory!

Zimbabwe’s opposition party claimed an overwhelming victory against President Robert Mugabe in yesterday’s presidential election. The Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) says its candidate Morgan Tsvangaini had “massacred” the ruling Zanu-PF party. The MDC defied a government ban on pre-empting the official anouncement of election results by releasing its own figures. Tendai Biti, secretary general of MDC said: “We’ve won the election. The resuts coming in show that in our traditional strongholds we are massacring them. In Mugabe’s traditional stronghold they are doing very badly. There is no way Mugabe can claim victory unless it is through fraud. He has lost this election.”

Results from rural Zimbabwe which traditionally have been the base of Mugabe are reportedly casting about fifty percent of their votes for the MDC. The MDC decided to make an early release of votes in order to make clear to the world they have won. They expect Mugabe may delay releasing vote counts in order to engage in some doctoring of figures. The MDC was warned by Zimbabwe’s police chief not to make an early release and also warned against any victory demonstrations. The MDC had earlier in the day expressed concern over the fairness of voting, but is now encouraged by the massive support from the Zimbabwe population.

Pakistan Leaders Move Toward Political Solutions

Asif Ali Zardari, co-chair of the Pakstan People’s Party, said the new government would focus on confidence-building measurs(CBM) in order to resolve problems confronting the nation. “We have always said that dialogue is a political tool that we have to use. We’ve always believed in dialogue under any and all conditions. We think it it time when we should give our children pens instead of guns, and promote peace in the region.” He met with Kashmiri leader Mehbooba Mufti who hoped Pakistan could work with India in order to resolve the half century old sore spot which has damaged relations between Pakistan and India.

NWFP Minister-delegate, Ameer Haider Hoti, urged his nation to explore new political alternatives in order to end bloodshed. “Only the jirga system could be effective in rstoring lasting peace in tribal areas.” He wants the government to meet with tribal leaders in an effort to end conflict in northwest regions of the nation.

Ides Of March– Will Mugabe Kill Democracy?

The people of Zimbabwe must be concerned as they lined up by the millions to vote because President Mugabe said he would accept the decision of the electorate. the Zimbabwe ecnomy has collapsed due to the disastrous policies of Mugabe, millions have fled the nation, and an election is going on. Why would Mugabe, who has ruled for 28 years, say he will accept the polling results? The only logical reason is he knows how the voting will turn out– with his re-election. Noel Kututwa, of the Zimbabwe Election Support Network, observed: “from what we have obsrved of the voting, there have been minimal problems.” He noted lines were not as long as in previous elections but this might be due to the fact millions have fled the nation in search of jobs.

The people of Zimbabwe who voted has a feeling of expectancy their long nightmare might end, but at the same time there was a deep sense of doubt Robert Mugabe would exit in any graceful manner. The problem does not lie in people voting, it lies in the people who are counting the votes. In all likelihood, there will be extensive vote fraud, the only uncertainty is the percentage of victory Mugabe seeks to achieve.

German Chancellor Merkel Will Boycott Olympic Events

German Chancelor Angela Merkel became the first prominent world leader who has decided to boycott opening ceremonies at the Olympic Games to protest China’s brutal suppression of Tibetan protestors. She joins Poland’s prime Minister Donald Trusk and President Vaclav Klaus of the Czech Republic who earlier announced their decisions to avoid being at the opening events of the Olympics in Beijing. “The presence of politicians at the inaugaration of the Olympics seems inappropriate,” said Trusk. Merkel outraged Chinese officials a few months ago by receiving the Dalai Lama and having discussions with the Tibetan leader.

China is too powerful a nation to snub indefinitely. The world may express sorrow at what has transpired in Tibet, but the reality is little can be done to aid the oppressed people of Tibet. Heck, we Americans have been lied to and oppressed by the Bush administration and everyone seems perfectly content to meet with him. No one appears to worry about the Americans who have been brutalized by five years of a war based on lies.

Good News In Thailand-No Army Coup Planned!

The nation of Thailand has witnessed several efforts by its military over the years to exert its authority by overthrowing civiian governments. Army Chief Anupong Paochinda, assured the public on Saturday the army is not planning to tke over the government in the forseeable future. His comments came in response to those of Prime Minister Samak Sunaravej who warned there were conspirators planning to trigger unrest in the nation and use it as a pretext to take over the government. “Today some people hve not stopped. They are lobbying and meeting… They still believe that another coup is possible.”

There are several problems confronting Thailand, among them is the unrest in southern regions where a Muslim led insurgency has resulted in the deaths of at least 3,000. Hopefully, the army will focus on ways to handle the situation politically and economically rather than only relying on military force.